How to Lose Hours Online


It’s easy to lose hours on the Internet, even when you’re not even trying to do so! You log on, find an article that you really enjoy reading (or that infuriates you) and you end up doing more research into it by finding out more about the author or looking at any of the associated videos and without even noticing you’ve lost a couple of hours that you’ll never get back meaning you’re late for work or it’s way past your bedtime.

Playing games is another way of watching the hours disappear. Online gaming is a huge industry with millions of people playing all kinds of games from online bingo to the typical shoot-’em titles, but part of the problems is people don’t necessarily know where to find the kind of games they want to play. They may, for example, want to play online bingo having seen all of the different adverts on the television but with so many to choose from they don’t know where to start.

One way of making that decision easier is to use a bingo comparison site which takes a lot of the background work out of the equation for you. These websites analyse all of the different online bingo platforms and look at factors like the user experience, site design, the promotions and the sign-up costs and provide you with a rating so that you can find what you think is the best site quickly and easily without having to learn the hard way through poor quality sites that just want your money.

YouTube is another pain in a sense that it just eats away your day. Any office worker will probably be able to tell you about the links that get emailed around with various videos to watch showing hilarious scenes that have you crying with laughter. Now obviously some of these are unsafe for work and you have to watch them at home instead but the problem with YouTube is the suggested videos section – they’re just so good!

Social media is the other time-eater. Facebook is filled with the kind of information we either hate, or can’t help engaging with. It’s either an advert or a post that someone has put up craving attention, or mentioning something we know nothing about; or it’s a video we have to watch or something we just have to comment on like a picture from their holiday or how they’re in a certain place in the country and we think they should go to a specific landmark or venue.

Twitter is the same, especially if you start looking at the various hashtags. You start reading some of the posts and before long you’re engrossed in conversations, arguments and looking at all kinds of images about things you never knew about before but can’t help finding out more about. Without realising it your phone has gone down to about 2% of battery and it’s 10pm at night – time for lights out!