Bad Beats and Poker Tilts

Poker is a very psychological game. If you could be one of the most skilled players in the world, but you can not keep your emotions control problems will be a successful poker player. Just very important to play poker and have a clear mind when you are a good mood. You are affecting your […]

Best Strategy For New Online Poker Players

Some bad habits they learned as a new online poker players, there are a seasoned player benefits than clean that you can work with the new poker player – and this is the purpose of the article is to build a foundation for a fantastic poker player. If you’ve ever seen the broadcast poker game, […]

Gus Hansen takes part in the Betfair Asian Poker Tour

Surprisingly Betfair Poker has announced that Gus Hansen at the Betfair Asian Poker Tour will participate in the tournament next month in Singapore plays. Hansen, in the recent strengthening in many European events has participated in plays in Asia on the side of some “regular” Betfair Poker Pros – “Milkybarkid” Grundy, Thomas “Buzzer” Bhil and […]