How to Lose Hours Online

It’s easy to lose hours on the Internet, even when you’re not even trying to do so! You log on, find an article that you really enjoy reading (or that infuriates you) and you end up doing more research into it by finding out more about the author or looking at any of the associated […]

Online Bingo for Beginners

Games go through periods of being incredibly popular and then fading into history without much of a fanfare, drifting out of our minds and popularity as quickly as they came in. There are some games, however, which come out of nowhere, capture our imaginations and take hold of the whole industry – online bingo is […]

What Playing Online Bingo Has Taught Me

A few years ago, I thought bingo was the kind of game played by the retired and unemployed throughout the day or evening, rather than going out to the pubs and bars like the younger generation. Rather than loud music and fancy cocktails, they prefer listening to a caller shouting out random phrases about ducks […]

Gala Bingo Review

Gala Bingo operates over 100 clubs currently throughout the UK. They are also one of the top bingo sites in the UK. Their site allows you to play bingo 24 hours a day as well as 365 days a year. The site migrated to the Virtue Fusion/Playtech software on 11th July 2012. The home page […]

Enjoy the Game of Bingo Slot and Win Top Jackpot

Today the individuals who are into the online gaming world would purely love to play the free bingo slot games and this is best regarded as the going to be the popular with everyone. You would find that there are many bingo players who love to play slot machines and simultaneously there are many slots players […]

How to Play Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance. To win a game, you have to be lucky. Your brainwork plays only a secondary part.  To guarantee victory, you have to indicate it before any other players does so. Playing bingo is very simple. Simply start marking the called numbers on the bingo card. When all the numbers […]

Security Issues When Playing Bingo Online

Due to legality issues for many players to play online poker are looking to find a game that lets you play online you do not put it in legal hot water. One option for these people is an online bingo game. Although bingo is more fortunate than the technology, it is still considered a safe […]